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Glazed Creosote Removal

chimney flue tile after deglazingglazed creosote chimney flue tileGlazed creosote is a type of creosote that has a consistency very similar to that of crystallized, hardened candy. It can be a slightly tacky substance, or a hardened, crystallized glaze that has glued itself firmly to the inner walls of your chimney.

Here’s a few steps in which we would proceed in the removal of the glazed creosote.

No 1. In less severe cases, we will suggest to our clients to use a Chimney Sweep Log or a Creosote Destroyer chemical spray that you apply inside the firebox and on your firewood each time you use the wood stove to help transform the glaze creosote into a softer, fluffier composition that can be brushed and cleaned at the next cleaning with regular chimney sweeping brushes.

No 2. In some more severe cases when the glazed creosote is thicker and risk of a chimney fire is more predominant, we will need to remove the glazed creosote with a specialized tool called The Glaze Chains or the Ro Clean Tool. The chains fastened on a power head at the end of rods spin around inside your chimney flue at a safe speed and slaps the inner walls of the chimney flue to shatter and dislodge the glazed creosote.
This time consuming and painstaking process will usually be able to remove 85-90% of the glazed creosote from your chimney flue and leaving behind a much safer chimney for you to continue using with the optimum efficiency and piece of mind.



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